Parts Washing

Photo of Flexo Wash Parts Washer
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Our fully automatic washing units are designed to wash ink trays, doctor blades, anilox rolls and other removable press parts that are used with water-based ink, solvent-based ink or UV ink.

  • Safe and easy washing
  • Short washing time
  • Made for all ink types
  • Recirculation of cleaning solution
  • Cleans all press parts
  • Minimal maintenance

This allows press operators to focus on press makeover functions, resulting in reduced downtime, constant print quality, and a safe, healthy cleaning and working environment.

Each unit can be customized according to each customer’s specific needs. The units are made with a moving nozzle arm. This ensures a dynamic liquid flow and higher pressure to improve the wash result. Flexo Wash parts washers can work with either solvents or environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Customized Wash Area
In the standard machines, press parts are placed on a grid and cleaned by nozzles that spray above and below the racks. To improve operation, the parts washer can be arranged with customized racks for rolls, ink trays and with various high performance nozzles.


The Wash & Rinse Series offers an automatic two stage cleaning process. The first stage is cleaning and the second stage is for rinsing.

Two types of rinsing systems are available:

  1. Open rinse system with fresh water. It is usually used with water-based ink or in combination with a water treatment unit.
  2. Closed circuit rinse system where liquid is re-circulated from a separate build-in tank. No drainage from the machine is necessary.
Safe, Quick, and Easy Washing
  1. Place the items to be washed in designated positions.
  2. Set required washing time (5-15 minutes) and press start.
  3. The cleaning solution is drained at the end of the wash cycle back to the tank for re-use.
  4. An optional accessory includes an automatic after rinse cycle with heated water.
  5. Lid opens leaving the parts to dry.


Product Specifications and Details

*The machine can be equipped with racks for rolls, ink trays, and doctor blades.
**Size includes trolleys and exterior elements on the parts washer
***Height with open lid