Parts Washing Front Load

Photo of Parts Washing Front Load
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With our user-friendly front load parts washer, operators can slide parts into the unit from the front.

  • Designed for all ink types
  • Recirculation/Re-use of liquid
  • Short washing time
  • Harmless to rolls
  • Safe and easy washing
  • Stainless steel

Our quick and easy wash operation allows press operators to focus on press make-ready functions, reducing the changeover time and the labor involved in washing. The result is reduced downtime, constant print quality and a safe and healthy cleaning and working environment. Front Load units are always built with customized wash areas according to the customer’s specific needs.

Two Stage Closed Wash Cycle

The Wash and Rinse series offers a unique automatic two stage cleaning process with separate tanks, pumps, and filters for wash and rinse:

Stage 1: Wash liquid is sprayed over the press parts at high pressure. After the wash, the liquid is drained back to the tank through filters for re-use.

Stage 2: The parts are rinsed with liquid/water/solvent.

Customized wash areas:

  • Tray rail
  • 2-story
  • Sliding grid
  • Grid
  • Trolley with Slide-in Grid


Product Specifications and Details

*Depending on control system Alternative sizes upon request