Sleeve Washer

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Flexo Wash offers a variety of equipment for cleaning of sleeves of all dimensions and types.

  • Quick and gentle wash operation
  • No liquid inside of sleeve
  • Minimum labor involved
  • Clean and dry items after a few minutes
  • No wear or tear on plates or sleeves
  • Minimal maintenance

Our Sleeve Wash units are designed to wash rubber sleeves, laser-engraved print sleeves, as well as plates mounted on sleeves in only 5-10 minutes. Manual washing can easily damage your sleeves. It is time consuming and often seen as a problem area from a health and safety point of view.

Let your operators focus on the printing process and press-make-ready functions. Our unique technology combines the use of our cleaning solutions, brushes, high-pressure water and compressed air to ensure a gentle and efficient cleaning of the sleeve, no matter which type of ink is used.

Depending on the unit, it is possible to wash up to six sleeves simultaneously.

The Sleeve Washers are made in two versions:

SL 2200: for cleaning of one sleeve. The sleeves are loaded horizontally.

SL 6V: for cleaning of up to 6 sleeves simultaneously. The sleeves are loaded vertically.

Sleeve Washing Process

    • Sleeves are easily loaded into the unit and fixed by adaptors made to avoid liquid entering the inside of the sleeve.
    • The unique combination of specially made soft rotating brushes and cleaning solutions ensures an efficient but gentle washing of the sleeves.
    • The high-pressure water rinse removes the final ink residues and cleaning liquid.
    • An automatic drying cycle leaves the sleeves clean, dry and ready for immediate use. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

Product Specifications and Details