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The fully-automatic Cylinder Cleaners are designed to deep clean and restore gravure cylinders. Based on liquid and high-pressure water, this quick and gentle cleaning process leaves the cylinders totally clean and ready for immediate use. Total cleaning time ranges from 10 to 20 minutes and is gentle enough to allow for daily cleaning without causing any wear and tear to the roll.

These Cylinder Cleaners work with environmentally friendly cleaning liquids, which are specially made for the deep cleaning of cylinders with all types of ink. There is also an option to use your own solvent blend. The water from the high pressure rinse is automatically led directly to the drain, then to a tank for re-use or to one of our water treatment units. The water consumption is only ten liters for each roll meter.

The PLC-controlled machines can be equipped with rotating brushes, which make it possible to clean gravure cylinders in the machine. The brushes ensure in-depth cleaning of the engraved parts of the cylinder thus leaving it completely clean on all surfaces. The machines can be equipped with rotating brushes for cleaning of gravure cylinder ends, where there is often a heavy build-up of ink, which is difficult to remove.

The hard rotating and oscillating brushes will remove all ink from the shaft and end of the cylinder, making the cylinder clean on all surfaces. The cylinder can then be taken to production, storage or rechroming without any manual treatment.

Multi-Cylinder Cleaner

anilox cleaner

The Multi-Cylinder Cleaner system is based on washing and rinsing of cylinders. The quick and gentle cleaning process leaves the cylinders clean and ready for immediate use right after cleaning. This cleaning process does not cause any wear and tear to the cylinder, even with daily cleaning.

With a standard Wash and Rinse system, you can clean 8-12 cylinders per hour. All cylinders are cleaned by using an eco-friendly cleaning liquid, then rinsed with water at high pressure and finally an air stream removes excess water.

The cylinders can be transported from the printing machine to the Multi-Cylinder Cleaner on a special designed trolley with a cylinder carriage. The carriage is loaded from the trolley into the loading station and automatically transported through the cleaning process.



  Gravure Cylinder Cleaners

Cleaner Model Max Diameter Max Length including Shaft Max Cleaning Length Max Weight Number of Rolls Dimensions (LWH)
With Lid Open
Power Supply
FW 2000M 7.8" 70.8" 67" 440 lbs 1/2 91"x22"x64" 3x480V
FW 2500M 7.8" 90.5" 86.8" 440 lbs 1/2 111"x22"x64" 3x480V
FW 2000 11.8" 68" 54.4" 1764 lbs 1/2 98"x47.9"x73.4" 3x480V
FW 3000 11.8" 110.2" 94.4" 1764 lbs 1/2 138"x47.9"x73.4" 3x480V
FW 3000-2 2x11.8" 110.2" 94.4" 2x1764 lbs 2/4 138"x49.7"x83.8" 3x480V
FW 3000 XL 17.7" 110.2" 94.4" 2204.6 lbs 1 138"x47.4x83.7" 3x480V
FW 3500 11.8" 130" 114.2" 1764 lbs 1/2 158"x47.9"x73.4" 3x480V
FW 3500 XL 17.7" 130.2" 114.4" 2204.6 lbs 1 158"x47.4"x83.7" 3x480V
FW 4000 11.8" 150.2" 134.4" 1764 lbs 1/2 178"x47.9"x73.4" 3x480V
FW 4000 XL 17.7" 150.2" 134.4" 2204.6 lbs 1 178"x47.4"x83.7" 3x480V
FW 4500 17.7" 169.3" 153.5" 2204.6 lbs 1 197.4"x47.4"x83.7" 3x480V
FW 4500 XL 17.7" 170.2" 154.4" 2204.6 lbs 1 198"x47.4"x83.7" 3x480V
MCC 1900 14.25" 74.8" 41.3"/53.1" 1764 lbs (2) 8-12 custom 3x480V
MCC 2300 14.25" 90.6" 55.1"/66.9" 1764 lbs (2) 8-12 custom 3x480V

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