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Flexo Wash technology helps our customers print better

Our products will extend the life of your anilox rolls and sleeves, gravure cylinders, flexo plates, flexo plate sleeves, press parts and rotary screens, while decreasing the make-ready down time between job runs.

In the competitive environment of the label and package printing industry, printers and converters need to take advantage of every opportunity or tool that will help them gain a cost-effective edge over their competition. Most companies turn to Flexo Wash because they want to eliminate waste and reduce downtime. 

Flexo Wash provides “Leading Cleaning Technology” and we are the only company in the world to offer cleaning systems for every need. Flexo Wash systems and processes are efficient, fast, completely safe for the employees and the environment and harmless to the integrity of the parts being washed. 

Flexo Wash Team

We help our customers print better. We believe in exceeding expectations with service, expertise, lower costs and a worry-free customer experience. From left: Patrick Potter, Michael Potter, Ryan Potter.


Trade Shows

In Demand: 2021 Trade Shows

So you can see how our technology actually works in person, Flexo Wash is present at several trade shows throughout the year. Here's our schedule for 2021.

FTA InfoFlex 2021

May 3-4, 2021
*Virtual Event*

Label Congress

Rosemont, IL
September 29-October 1, 2021

What Clients Say?

Inland invested in Flexo Wash because of their excellent reputation and the complete solution that they offer for our cleaning and preparatory needs. Because we were so impressed with the excellent performance at our La Crosse, WI facility, we invested in Flexo Wash at our Downingtown, PA facility as well.

Guy Billing Inland

“I have been trying to keep anilox rolls clean for over 15 years. I have used ultrasonic, blasters, chemicals, brushes, etc. I now use the Flexo Wash cleaning system. Flexo Wash is the cleanest, fastest, most effective system I have ever used!”

Brad Keys Staples

When asked what machine he uses to clean his company’s anilox rolls, Don Johnstone at U.S. Tape and Labelanswered, “Flexo Wash. They’re number one in my book.” To test which product cleaned rolls best, Don chose three industrial machines: a soda blaster, an ultrasonic and the Flexo Wash. Density went from .65 to .72 with Flexo Wash. “There was NO damage to the cells and the rolls performed like they were brand new.” Why did Don choose Flexo Wash? “Increases density; it’s user-friendly; and there’s no downtime. If that press isn’t running, I’m losing money. With Flexo Wash units, I’m up 24/7!”

Don Johnston U.S. Tape and Label

"...It only takes minutes to do what took hours and we can already see better print results from maintaining cleaner rolls and longer plate life due to cleaning and storing plates immediately after demos."

John Coleman Nilpeter