Which cleaning solution is right for you?

Choosing the right cleaning solution is important for achieving the best cleaning results. Flexo Wash has developed an extensive line of products that clean all ink types to help you print better.

Why Flexo Wash Cleaning Solutions?

The Flexo Wash offers sustainable cleaning solutions developed specifically for the needs of our customers. Our solutions and equipment are designed so the solution is always filtrated and recirculated to be reused, ensuring the best possible cleaning results while consuming as little of the solution as possible. 

  • Durable and easy to use
  • Long tank life
  • Designed for Flexo Wash automatic cleaning machines, ensuring the best cleaning results and maximizing your capital investment

Cleaning Solutions for all needs

Flexo Wash has a comprehensive catalog of cleaning solutions formulated for different ink types and applications, including manual cleaning. 

Cleaning solutions for:

Not sure which product best fits your needs?  Our chemical experts are ready to help you find the best match! 

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Your on-press solution for improved color BETWEEN offline deep cleanings.

  • Good for ALL inks
  • Minimize press downtime
  • Reduce waste

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