A more sustainable working environment

Are you seeing more demands for “sustainability”? We recommend that the first step in starting this process is evaluating your current cleaning processes. Our innovative cleaning technology and cleaning solutions will help you print better, with increased quality, efficiency and in a safer, more sustainable working environment. 

Environmental solutions

With Flexo Wash you can choose the best and most environmentally friendly solution for your operation. In addition to new products and built-in upgrades, we have a line of environmental solutions which can be combined with the different Flexo Wash cleaning units to reduce the water and/or liquid consumption. All our products are continuously optimized to ensure better reuse and less consumption of both water and cleaning liquid.

The Flexo Wash LASER anilox cleaners offer a total waste-free solution. Our new .NXT anilox cleaners are developed with special focus on higher degree of reuse of liquid. 

Our Filtration unit and Sedimentation tank will prolong the lifetime of the liquid with reuse. Our Recirculation unit will reduce water consumption as well. 


Re-use of liquid and water

Flexo Wash builds their cleaning systems to clean with our sustainable Cleaning Solutions. In all of our cleaning systems, they consume as little of the solution as possible, and our systems filter the liquid and recirculates it for reuse. 

All Flexo Wash cleaning units can be combined with any of the sustainable options above to make your equipment more environmentally friendly. 

Below you can read more about our standard environmental solutions.


Filtration Unit

The Flexo Wash filtration unit filtrates ink particles from the cleaning liquid, thus prolonging its lifespan. 

During the process, the unit transforms the liquid waste into solid waste (in powder form). This cuts the ink waste in half.  

The system can be used with the following units:

  • Plate Washers
  • Screen Washers
  • Small Parts Washers (PK ECO-series)

Sedimentation Tank

The Flexo Wash sedimentation tank reduces liquid consumption in half, depending on ink saturation etc.

This process separates the cleaning liquid from the sludge waste, allowing the liquid to be reused.

The system can be used with the following units:

  • Multi-Cylinder Cleaners
  • Medium Parts Washers (PK Top/TrolleyLoad)
  • Larger Parts Washers

Recirculation Unit

The Flexo Wash recirculation unit allows the rinse water to be reused and ensures high-quality cleaning. Water consumption is reduced significantly with this unit.

The unit is fully automatic and environmentally friendly.

The system can be used with the following units:

  • Anilox Liquid Cleaners
  • FW Gravure Cylinder Cleaners
  • Sleeve Washers

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