Sleeve washing of all types in one unit

Manual washing can easily damage the sleeves. It is time consuming and often seen as a problem area from a health and safety point of view. All Flexo Wash Sleeve Washers are fully -automatic, created to wash all types of inks and designed for environmentally friendly cleaning liquids.


Clean sleeves gently and efficiently

FW Sleeve Washers are made of stainless steel and other highly-resistant quality material, which ensures a long lifetime of the product and a very low degree of maintenance.

They are designed to wash laser-engraved print sleeves as well as plates mounted on sleeves. The sleeves are easily loaded into the unit and fixed by cone-shaped adaptors which fit multiple interior diameters. These adaptors are made to prevent liquid entering the inside of the sleeve.

The unique combination of specially-made soft rotating brushes and cleaning liquid ensures an efficient gentle washing of the sleeves.

The high pressure water rinse removes the final ink residue and cleaning liquid. Warm air is blown through the machine, leaving the sleeves completely clean, dry and ready for immediate reuse. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

For an even more sustainable solution you can combine all sleeve washing units with our Recirculation System to reduce your water consumption.

Flexo Wash supplies two types of washing units for sleeves:

  • Single sleeve washing
  • Multiple sleeve washing

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SL 2000-2500.NXT

With the SL 2000-2500.NXT-series Flexo Wash presents a new generation of cleaning machines.

All units are produced with the .NXT features which means easier handling, improved technology, focus on less liquid consumption and sustainable solutions.

The .NXT sleeve washing series can wash one sleeve per cleaning cycle. 


SL 6V and SL 8V

The SL 6V and the SL 8V are designed to wash all types of inks with environmentally friendly cleaning liquids.

SL 6V is for cleaning up to 6 sleeves simultaneously.

SL 8V is for cleaning up to 8 sleeves simultaneously.

The sleeves are loaded vertically.

I can only imagine how many man hours could be saved by going from manual washing to the Sleeve Washer from Flexo Wash.

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