Automated Parts Washing is Easy and Effective

Our fully-automatic washing units are designed to wash all of the press parts from your narrow web or wide web presses. It is effective on all types of ink.

Benefits include: 

  • Safe and easy washing
  • Short washing time
  • Made for all ink types
  • Recirculation of cleaning solution
  • Cleans all press parts
  • Minimal maintenance

Efficient & Effective Cleaning

Fully-automatic parts washers benefit the entire printing operation. Press operators can focus on press makeover functions, resulting in reduced downtime, consistent print quality and a safe, healthy cleaning and working environment.

Each unit can be customized according to each customer’s specific needs. The units are made with a moving nozzle arm. This ensures a dynamic liquid flow and higher pressure to improve the wash result. Flexo Wash parts washers can work with either solvents or environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Customized for your needs

Each parts washing units can be custom-built to the customer's individual specifications.

In the standard machines, press parts are placed on a grid and cleaned by nozzles that spray above and below the racks. To improve operation, the parts washer can be arranged with customized racks for rolls, ink trays and with various high performance nozzles.

We are always ready to help and guide you to the right solution for your needs.

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Customized Wash Area


With the PK 240 Easy-Load, parts cleaned in a single 22 minute cycle would have taken at least 1 hour and 15 minutes by hand. According to the customer, "It is having a direct positive impact on our productivity from day one".

3 Methods for Parts Washing

Here are three different ways of cleaning your press parts:

  • Cleaning with solvents
  • Cleaning with non-flammable liquids
  • Cleaning with alkaline liquid

Optimal cleaning results, reduced downtime plus quick and easy handling are all benefits of automated parts washing. 

See our guide to learn about the differences, pros and cons of each method and how to choose the right solution. 

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