Gravure cylinder cleaning

To survive in a competitive world, you need clean cylinders, optimized operation flows and internal logistics to ensure high quality print with minimal downtime. If you want to excel, you need to have the right procedures and equipment in place. Our fully-automatic cylinder washers are designed to efficiently clean all ink types.

Proper cleaning is vital for your business

The fully-automatic Cylinder Cleaners are designed to deep clean and restore gravure cylinders. Based on liquid and high-pressure water, this quick and gentle cleaning process leaves the cylinders totally clean and ready for immediate use. Total cleaning time ranges from 10 to 20 minutes and is gentle enough to allow for daily cleaning without causing any wear and tear to the roll.

These Cylinder Cleaners work with environmentally friendly cleaning liquids, which are specially made for the deep cleaning of cylinders with all types of ink. There is also an option to use your own solvent blend. The water from the high pressure rinse is automatically led directly to the drain, then to a tank for re-use or to one of our water treatment units. The water consumption is only ten liters for each roll meter.

Our cleaning systems all produce reduced downtime, consistent print quality and a safe and healthy cleaning and working environment, so you can stay competitive in a busy world.

Units can be customized according to the clients' specifications. 

How many cylinders per day?

Flexo Wash has provided leading cleaning solutions to the gravure industry for 30 years. The gravure industry includes a wide range of equipment, all of which we can clean. 

Two types of cylinder cleaners:

  • Single/double cylinder cleaning:
    Optimal for cleaning of less than 60 cylinders per day

  • Multiple cylinder cleaning:
    Used for cleaning of more than 60 cylinders per day

Facts about the Flexo Wash cylinder cleaning system

  • Proven technology
  • Offers AGILITY with a fast cleaning process; approximately 10-20 minutes
  • Daily deep cleaning as often as you want
  • No wear and tear on roll
  • Works with Eco-friendly cleaning liquids
  • Effective on all ink types
  • Fully-automatic, closed-loop 
  • Option for rotating brushes for deep cleaning system; no labor involved directly with cleaning

Learn more about our different cylinder cleaning systems here:

“The system is not faster than our previous cleaning methods, however it is safer on the cylinders. So, it may take twice as long to clean them with the Flexo Wash (about a 15-20 minute cycle time) however, we are not damaging the cylinders which is a savings to us. This does not mean we couldn’t use a harsher chemical and crank up the heat during the cleaning cycle to increase the speed of the cleaning process. However, the end goal is not to damage the cylinders. So, if it takes longer to clean them, we are okay with this. “

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