New Machines Available for Quick Delivery

Lead times are growing, but Flexo Wash has a supply of new narrow web equipment ready for delivery NOW.

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NEW PW 82 WR Plate Washer

*Brand New* PW82WR/5383/2022

  • Narrow Web or Wide Web
  • Plate Washer
  • Min. Plate Length: 8.7"
  • Max. Plate Width: 32.3"
  • Includes Stainless Steel Liquid Loop
  • 2022
  • Available for Immediate Delivery

NEW FW Handy Midi 2x2 Anilox Cleaner

*Brand New* FWHandyMidi2x2/5384/2022

  • Narrow Web
  • Anilox Cleaner
  • Cleans 4 Anilox per cycle
  • Max. Cleaning Length: 18.9" (5.9" Diameter)
  • Includes Standard Gear Cover Set
  • 2022
  • Available for Immediate Delivery


*Brand New* PW ECO Maxi WR/5417

  • Narrow Web
  • Parts Washer
  • Wash area 55.1" x 30.1" x 10.8"
  • 2022
  • Available for Immediate Delivery


*Brand New* FW 996XL.NXT/5422

  • Narrow Web
  • Anilox Cleaner
  • Standard Gear Covers
  • 2022
  • Available for Immediate Delivery

NEW FW Recirculation Unit

*Brand New* FW Recirculation Unit/5313

  • Reuse rinse water in a closed loop system
  • Runs independently of washing unit
  • Reduces water consumption significantly
  • Fully-automatic and environmentally friendly
  • 2022
  • Available for Immediate Delivery

NEW PK 92-1

*Brand New* PK 92-1/5315

  • Narrow Web
  • Screen Washer
  • For Cleaning One Screen
  • Max diameter: 10.6"
  • Max length: 29.7"
  • 2022
  • Available for Immediate Delivery

Pre-owned equipment for sale

As the leading provider of cleaning solutions we are pleased to offer a new marketplace for purchasing a used or pre-owned Flexo Wash machine. Buying a cleaning system is always a good business decision.

There are many advantages to buying pre-owned machines from Flexo Wash:

  • All machines come with a six month parts-only warranty
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Delivery: most systems are available for immediate delivery
  • Quick Return on Investment Value

If you have additional questions or want to purchase now by phone with credit card, you may reach us by phone, email or use the contact form:

FW 992XL.NXT Anilox Cleaner


  • Wide Web
  • Liquid Anilox Cleaner
  • Cleans two aniloxes per cycle
  • Power Supply: 3x440-480V, 60Hz, 14Amp
  • Max. Cleaning Length: 63" (total roll length 73.2") (8.2" Diameter)
  • 2021

FW 3000 Dual Laser Anilox Cleaner


  • Wide Web
  • Dual Laser Anilox Cleaner
  • Traction System for One Additional Anilox (Clean up to 2 rolls per cycle)
  • Max. Cleaning Length: 107.5" (11.8" Diameter)
  • 2021

Sedimentation Tank (510L)


  • Accessory
  • 2020