Screen washing

Flexo Wash offers a cost-efficient screen washing unit for quick and easy washing of rotary screens with minimum labor involved. The wash operation is quick with no liquid inside the sleeve leaving your items clean and dry after a few minutes. No wear or tear on plates or sleeves, and minimal maintenance.

Easy and thorough cleaning

Our fully-automatic Sleeve Washers are designed to wash laser-engraved print sleeves as well as plates mounted on sleeves.

  • Sleeves are easily loaded into the unit and fixed by cone-shaped adaptors which fit multiple interior diameters. These adaptors are made to prevent liquid entering the inside of the sleeve.
  • The unique combination of specially-made soft rotating brushes and cleaning liquid ensures an efficient gentle washing of the sleeves.
  • The high pressure water rinse removes the final ink residue and cleaning liquid.
  • Warm air is blown through the machine, leaving the sleeves completely clean, dry and ready for immediate reuse. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

Flexo Wash supplies washing units for two types of screens:

  • Rotary screens
  • Flat screens

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PK 92 Rotary Screen Washer

The Flexo Wash PK 92 Rotary Screen Wash cleans rotary screen cylinders from printing machines using UV-drying screen inks. The screen cylinders are placed on rotating holders. Specially designed jets on both sides of the cylinders ensure a thorough cleaning.

The holder on the PK 92-1 is equipped with an adjustable plate, making it possible to adjust to different screen sizes.



PK Flat Screen Washer

The PK Flat Screen Washer is quick and effective washer, cleaning screens in only 15-20 minutes.

Screens are washed directly in the cleaning unit in the first step of the process. There is an option for the screens to be rinsed in a separate stainless-steel tank containing alcohol after the wash. 

A micro-processor controls the machine, making it simple to to set the different wash times.


In today’s highly competitive marketplace you need to have all elements of production under control to run best quality. To ensure our new presses could achieve peak performance we needed to ensure that all working parts were as clean as possible. Flexo Wash technology is well proven and offered us the best solution.

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