Gentle plate washing

Our fully-automatic Plate Washers are designed to wash printing plates gently and leave them completely clean and dry, ready for immediate use. You get a quick and gentle wash operation with belt conveyor for easy loading of plates involving minimum labor and maintenance. The items are completely clean and dry after a few minutes, and there is no wear or tear on your plates.

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Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions

Flexo Wash plate washers are able to wash all types of inks and are designed for environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. The machines are made of steel and other highly-resistant materials to ensure a long lifetime and low degree of maintenance.

All models are made for the horizontal cleaning of plates. The machines are controlled by a microprocessor with a user-friendly touch screen to adjust the wash programs. After the print job, all plates are placed on a conveyor belt, which automatically takes them through the entire wash process.

Two types of rinsing systems are available: open and closed circuit. Plates are placed into the plate wash machine where the soft, moving brushes and cleaning solution delivers an efficient, yet gentle washing of the plates. The rinse water removes the final ink and solution residues and then warm air leaves the plates completely dry and ready for immediate use.

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Plate washers for all needs

Flexo Wash Plate Washers are known for their superior quality and cleaning technology. We supply plate washing equipment in all sizes for both narrow and wide web industries.  Our range of models cover plate widths up to 71".

A distinguishing feature of all Flexo Wash Plate Washers is its inlet conveyor belt, which streamlines the loading of plates into the cleaning system, thereby allowing the press operator to work on other, more “pressing” matters. It is truly a “hands-free” cleaning experience.

As with all Flexo Wash Plate Washers, there is an option to buy a handy Unloading Table as well. This Unloading Table gives the freshly-cleaned plate a home until it can be loaded back into the press.

There is also an option for all narrow web parts washers to reduce liquid consumption with a filtration unit

How it works

Plate washing is a simple two part cleaning process. First phase is the cleaning process and the second phase is the rinsing process. 


Plates are loaded quickly and easily by the conveyor belt. Then, cleaning liquid is sprayed directly on the plate. 

Oscillating soft brushes gently wash and clean the plate.

Lastly, cleaning liquids are re-circulated and drained back to the tank for re-use.


Water rinses the plates, removing all the remaining ink and cleaning liquid residue. 


The final process after rinsing is drying. The plates are dried in two steps: sponge roll and warm air knife. 

“Stop thinking about it and just buy a Flexo Wash plate washer. You won’t regret it ... It’s been a great purchase for us. It was easy to install and is easy to use. The team has even let me wash some plates because they know the unit is 'owner-proof'.”

Manual or Automated Plate Cleaning?

Damaged plates due to improper cleaning is an expensive and critical factor in the printing industry. 

Cleaning plates properly and in a gentle and safe way is essential. With unclean or broken plates you will have quality issues with your print. 

Manual washing can damage plates, is time consuming and often viewed as a problem area for health and safety standards. Automating your plate cleaning can let operators do more profitable things, like focusing on the printing process and press make-ready functions.

But how to choose between manual cleaning  or an automated cleaning system?

Learn about the difference, pros and cons of each system and how you choose the right solution for you in our "Manual or automated plate cleaning?" video. Download the guide to learn even more.

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