May 29, 2019….LOUISVILLE, KY

Flexo Wash US is pleased to announce the creation of two new positions as part of our steady growth over the last few years.

Customer Experience Manager: Natalie Fowler

Flexo Wash Customer Experience Manager Natalie Fowler
Customer Experience Manager Natalie Fowler

We are happy to introduce the new Customer Experience Manager, Natalie Fowler, who will enhance the customer experience and cultivate customer relationships. This newly created position will lead our customer experience initiatives and help us create a world-class experience. Natalie Fowler has advanced experience with inside sales, operational management, logistics and customer service, making her the ideal person for this position. We look forward to introducing her to our clients.

Warehouse Manager: Brian Herndon

flexo wash warehouse manager brian herndon
Warehouse Manager Brian Herndon

We have added Brian Herndon as our Warehouse Manager to assist with our sales and service team with the large inflow and outflow of products from our warehouse. In our new corporate headquarters (est. May 2018) Flexo Wash was able to build a warehouse custom-suited to all of our inventory and demo center needs. Brian has vast experience with customer service, and has direct knowledge of the manufacturing service industry. Plus, he’s an Eagle Scout and everyone needs that person in their service department!

About Flexo Wash

Flexo Wash technology helps customers print better. Their products will extend the life of anilox rolls and sleeves, gravure cylinders, flexo plates, flexo plate sleeves, press parts and rotary screens, while decreasing the make-ready down time between job runs. Flexo Wash provides “Leading Cleaning Technology” and they are the only company in the world to offer cleaning systems for every need. Visit our website at, email us at or call 888-493-5396.

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