Flexo Wash Jim Carstairs Western Territory Manager


Flexo Wash is honored to welcome Jim Carstairs as our Western Territory Manager.

Jim has over 30 years of experience in sales in the printing and graphics industries.

After beginning his career as a press operator, Jim has worked in a variety of sales and technical positions with different ink and coatings companies.  He also spent four years with International Paper in their internal/external flexo plate and ink sales division before joining Bottcher America, which was primarily focused on the lithographic market. He left Bottcher earlier this year.

In his role as regional sales manager, Jim will be working primarily with customers from the Midwest to the West Coast while leveraging his extensive contacts throughout the United States. Jim can be reached at jc@flexowashus.com or call 714-926-3488.

About Flexo Wash

For over 25 years, Flexo Wash has been helping our customers print better. Their products will extend the life of anilox rolls and sleeves, gravure cylinders, flexo plates, flexo plate sleeves, press parts and rotary screens, while decreasing the make-ready downtime between job runs. Flexo Wash provides “Leading Cleaning Technology” and they are the only company in the world to offer cleaning systems for every need. Visit our website at www.flexowashus.com, email us at info@flexowashus.com or call 888-493-5396.