Trend Printing/International Case Study

Flexo Wash: Catalyst for Efficiency at Trend Printing

In the fast-paced realm of label printing, efficiency and precision reign supreme. For Stephen Fishbein, a third-generation label printer at a narrow web flexo house, the challenge of maintaining high quality while juggling time-consuming plate cleaning processes was an ongoing struggle. However, a pivotal shift occurred when he connected with Flexo Wash and embraced their innovative cleaning solutions. Let's delve into Stephen's journey and how Flexo Wash improved his printing processes.

The Trend team, comprised of David Fishbein, Tuvia Leibovitz (co-owners), and Stephen, operates Trend Printing/International Label, Inc., a printing house established by Max Fishbein, Stephen's grandfather, in 1959. Specializing in pressure-sensitive labels and flexible packaging materials, Trend caters to diverse industries, including nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty, and food. Initially, the company opted for a competitor's plate washer, likely swayed by factors like price and an existing supplier relationship.

However, the competitor's plate washer fell short of expectations, resulting in significant challenges such as leaks, mechanical issues, and downtime. The maintenance efforts required to rectify these issues outweighed the technology's benefits, causing frustration and impeding operational efficiency.

Driven by dissatisfaction with the competitor's technology, the company strategically transitioned to Flexo Wash. Trend was already a Flexo Wash Anilox Cleaner customer. Recognizing the critical importance of selecting the right plate-washing technology for their business, Stephen, David, and Tuvia gravitated toward Flexo Wash's established track record and reputation for quality and service.

Upon integrating Flexo Wash into its operations, the company witnessed substantial improvements in efficiency, quality, and overall satisfaction. The automated cleaning processes slashed setup time, trimmed labor expenses, and elevated cleaning quality, yielding superior outcomes for the business. Seamlessly integrating Flexo Wash solutions into their workflow streamlined operations and bolstered productivity. Stephen commended Flexo Wash for their exceptional service and highlighted the reliability and performance of their products. This positive experience starkly contrasted with the challenges encountered with the competitor's technology, underscoring the superior value proposition of Flexo Wash in meeting the company's needs. The partnership with Flexo Wash not only addressed their immediate plate cleaning requirements but also positioned Trend Printing for sustained success in the fiercely competitive printing industry.

Special recognition is extended to Flexo Wash's dedicated team, particularly Joe Almeida and Service Technician Isaac Box, for their unwavering support and commitment to excellence. Their partnership has played a pivotal role in propelling Trend Printing/International Label, Inc. towards heightened efficiency and success.

Flexo Wash's cutting-edge cleaning solutions have ushered in a new era for Stephen's label printing business, unlocking time savings, cost reductions, and enhanced operational efficiency. Through its innovative products and exemplary service, Flexo Wash has emerged as an indispensable ally in Stephen, David, and Tuvia's journey toward triumph. Trend's story underscores the significance of selecting the right technology solution for a business and the transformative impact that a dependable and efficient solution like Flexo Wash can have on operations and outcomes.