Flexo Wash has introduced its latest Parts Washer, the PK ECO Maxi.NXT. After listening to customer’s feedback, big improvements were implemented to this Parts Washer. 

New features:

  1. Filters outside and pull-out tank for easy access and maintenance
  2. Chain drive for reliable operation
  3. Improved drain to optimize reuse of liquids
  4. Electrical pumps for less energy consumption and a more even flow


Automating parts washing is a solution to messy washing spaces, full of parts that need to be cleaned before converters can begin their next job. Dirty parts hamper workflow and efficiency. When parts are not clean, downtime is guaranteed.

Flexo Wash’s fully-automatic washing units are designed to wash all of the press parts from narrow web presses. They wash ink trays, doctor blades, aniloxes and other removable press parts.  These cleaning systems are effective on all types of ink.