Proper Cleaning is Essential for Aniloxes

If the anilox roll is the heart of the flexo printing process and critical to maintaining a well-run operation, proper cleaning, along with care and maintenance of your anilox inventory is essential to your survival. The absence of good cleaning practices always will lead to inconsistent print results and increased downtime.

Flexo Wash has developed a series of cleaning solutions for different applications. Every cleaning solution is suitable for removing all ink types.

Manual and Automated Anilox Cleaning Liquids

Automated anilox cleaning gives the most optimal results. We can advise you on the best liquid cleaning solutions for you.  

Read more about our liquids for automated cleaning HERE.

Flexo Wash offers several options for manual cleaning. There are various liquids for surface cleaning your aniloxes in between printing jobs.

Cleaning solutions for all different ink types

Flexo Wash's liquid cleaning solutions clean all different types of inks.  Contact our expert team for an in-depth evaluation of your specific needs.

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Solutions for Automatic Cleaning

All ink types

We recommend:

FW 40

FW 40 is our standard anilox roll, sleeve and gravure cleaning solution, and is used for deep cleaning of all solvent-, water- and UV-based inks. FW 40 is available in concentrated form or pre-mixed and ready to use.

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Safer for Sleeves

We recommend:

Anilox Plus

Anilox Plus - Anilox Plus is our economical anilox sleeve cleaning solution used for deep cleaning of all solvent-, water- and UV-based inks.

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We recommend:

FW 25

FW 25 is a Low VOC option used for deep cleaning of anilox and gravure rolls in FW model units for all solvent, water, and/or UV based inks.

Solutions for Manual Cleaning

Solutions for Manual Cleaning

We recommend:

Quick Treat

Quick Treat is our on-press cleaning solution for use between deep cleanings and is good for all ink-types.  


Let us guide you!

We have an extensive catalog of products specially designed to fit the diverse cleaning needs of our customers. Contact us with questions and we’ll help you find the perfect solution to clean your aniloxes.