Laser anilox cleaning

The FW Laser Anilox Cleaner uses cutting-edge technology to deep clean anilox rolls with no waste and no need for a water source. It is very effective on all ink types. This waste-free, completely safe and fully-automatic method of cleaning is a sustainable cleaning option for printers. The FW Laser Anilox Cleaners can be installed without requiring water supply, drain or safety equipment.

Flexible Cleaning

Our FW Laser Anilox Cleaners were designed with flexibility in mind. The FW 2000 and FW 3000 models have the ability to clean several narrow web rolls or a combination of narrow and wide web rolls and sleeves in ONE machine.

The smaller FW 850 series models clean up to two narrow web rolls in one cleaning cycle.

This sustainable cleaner is a waste-free with no liquid handling or consumption.

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Cutting-edge technology

As anilox technologies have evolved to thinner cell walls, higher line screens and tougher inks, Flexo Wash cleaning technology has adapted to these modern advancements. Our safe and gentle cleaning method means that you can both deep clean the rolls and wash them on a daily basis. Flexo Wash's focus on the high protection of these delicate and expensive aniloxes is the driving force in developing the latest laser technology.



This laser is completely safe for operators under any conditions of normal usage. Safety goggles or other safety equipment is not necessary. 

The laser has auto-focus where it can automatically adjust to the size of the anilox roll. This feature makes the process easy for the user, fast and safe. 


Each laser cleaner has an anilox database, which registers every anilox and tracks its cleaning log. This can be used to track and document the status of each individual anilox. 

Our technicians can access all data regarding cleaning and any alarms via LAN connection.



The FW 2000 - 3000 units have an electric -powered drawer that ensures easy loading, thus offering a higher degree of protection of the anilox.

The FW 850-series has a similar concept, with a slide-in rack for easy handling during loading and unloading.


The option of a handheld barcode / RFID reader that identify the anilox type and identity can be added to the unit.

For this option, your anilox must be manufactured with a unique RFID tag. 

This RFID scanner assists the operator to set the correct parameters for each specific roll.

LaserX Series

The LaserX Series promises all the same safe and high-quality cleaning, but twice as fast as the immensely popular regular Laser Anilox Cleaners from Flexo Wash. This is an optimal choice for printers wanting to invest in reduced cleaning time and new technology from a trusted company. 

All the Flexo Wash Laser Anilox Cleaners are available in the LaserX option. Flexo Wash offers four LaserX Anilox Cleaning models for cleaning lengths up to 147” with the largest model. 

For even faster laser anilox cleaning —go LaserX2!

For customers with an even greater need for speed without compromising safety and cleaning quality, Flexo Wash is launching LaserX2, which is four times faster than the regular Anilox Laser Cleaner and twice as fast as the LaserX.

 The two new models include the following machines:

  • FW 850 Laser/LaserX
  • FW 2000 Laser/LaserX/LaserX2
  • FW 3000 Laser/LaserX/LaserX2
  • FW 4000 Laser/LaserX/LaserX2

As a special feature, North American customers can choose the color for the exterior of their new LaserX Anilox Cleaner. Flexo Wash now offers six standard exterior color options plus the ability to customize the color.  

color selections


Wide Web Anilox Laser Cleaner


Narrow Web Anilox Laser Cleaner

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