Liquid anilox cleaner

The classic Liquid Anilox Cleaner is a fully-automatic powerhouse cleaner, using proven technology to deep clean multiple anilox rolls of any size safely and effectively. It cleans aniloxes in just 10 to 20 minutes and is effective on all ink types. Daily washing and maintenance of aniloxes is crucial to producing consistently high-quality print and constant output with minimal downtime.

Anilox cleaners for all needs

With over 20 anilox cleaners on the market, we supply anilox cleaning equipment in all sizes for both Narrow Web and Wide Web printers. 

We offer liquid Anilox Cleaners that clean from two to nine anilox in a single wash cycle. Flexo Wash has the capacity to clean everything a converter has. Both cleaners are fully-automatic, quick, safe and effective, so the cleaning process on site is very seamless. 

The FW Liquid Anilox Cleaners have in many different models, each can be modified by combining the standard unit with one or more of the various options.

To reduce your water consumption, replace the connection to fresh water supply and drainage for all anilox cleaning units with our recirculation system.


FW Handy-series

This fully-automatic line is designed to deep clean and restore all anilox rolls and print sleeves of all sizes. It is a low-cost cleaner that provides a maximum result. It is a perfect cleaning system for daily deep cleaning of aniloxes. 

There is a FW Handy Anilox Cleaner that will fit your needs depending on your aniloxes.



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.NXT Generation

 .NXT units represent a new generation of anilox cleaning, focused on improved technology, sustainability and easier-handling. 

 .NXT units feature:

  • Faster, more-efficient drainage
  • Liquid filling is automatic
  • Pull-out tank for easy access
  • Liquid level indicator
  • Improved lid design
  • Easy adjustment of traction stations

NXT picture of new features




FW Anilox Cleaners for Wide Web applications are built with a PLC control to enable the user to easily change the temperature, rotation speed and washing time.

The FW PLC Anilox Cleaners clean larger and heavier rolls and sleeves. All of these cleaners can be customized to your specifications. Such options are adding an adapter to clean sleeves safely, an extraction system to clean more aniloxes per wash, or reinforcing the machine to clean even heavier rolls.


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Quick & gentle cleaning process

Every day, you should be deep cleaning your anilox rolls. Period.

If the anilox roll is the heart of the flexo printing process and critical to maintaining a well-run operation, proper cleaning, along with care and maintenance of your anilox inventory is essential to your survival.

Using liquid and high-pressure water, this quick and gentle deep-cleaning process leaves the aniloxes totally clean and ready for immediate use after just 10-20 minutes cleaning without causing any wear or tear to the anilox.

This makes it possible to keep your aniloxes totally clean at all times ensuring a high and consistent print quality and a long lifetime of the aniloxes.

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100% Clean in 20 minutes
“We were not happy with the previous cleaner due to the various issues. We had contact with Keith Young at Flexo Wash and he suggested we trial the machine for a week. When he came to install the machine for trial, we decided to put it to the test with our dirtiest anilox, which was badly stained and the old machine could not get clean. After about 20 minutes in the Flexo Wash anilox cleaner, it came out like brand-new and we knew we would need to purchase one right then!”

How does it work?

The FW Liquid Anilox Cleaner uses an automated cleaning process that involves a low pressure spraying of the roll with a cleaning solution, followed by a high-pressure water rinse and an air blow dry to finish.

Flexo Wash offers environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions for all our cleaning systems. The liquids are recirculated, minimizing their use and lowering your costs.




Heated liquid is sprayed onto the surface of the anilox while it rotates on the cleaner. Ink comes off easily and the entire roll is clean in 5 to 20 minutes.


Once the washing cycle ends, the liquid drains back into the wash tank. Total drain time is only 2 to 3 minutes. 


After the cleaning liquid is drained, high pressure water nozzles spray the anilox for a final rinse, removing any remaining ink particles and cleaning liquid. These nozzles are completely adjustable. Rinse cycle is 2 to 3 minutes.


The final step in the cleaning process is high pressure air drying. The drying process lasts 1 to 3 minutes, depending on roll length and the anilox is now ready for immediate use or storage. 

The benefits of liquid cleaners

As anilox technologies have evolved to thinner cell walls, higher line screens and tougher inks, Flexo Wash cleaning technology has adapted to these modern advancements. We use a safe and gentle cleaning method that does not damage even the thinnest of cell walls.

The cleaning method offered by Flexo Wash means that you can both deep clean the rolls and wash them on a daily basis without harming even the highest line screens.

In 10-20 minutes the FW Liquid Anilox Cleaner can thoroughly and effectively clean any ink, adhesive, lacquer, varnish or laminate. Downtime is eliminated and the entire process is fully-automated.


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