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Problem: How do I adjust the brush planes on my plate washer?

Answer: This might need to be done between cleanings. Here’s the steps to doing this adjustment yourself and a video as well.

Plate Washer

Plate washing is a quick and gentle cleaning process that leaves plates totally clean and ready for immediate use without causing any wear or tear. Plates are cleaned with a unique combination of specially-made soft, moving brushes and cleaning liquid that ensures an efficient but gentle washing of the plates.

When Would You Need to Adjust the Brushes?

After cleaning the machine, mounting new brushes, getting plate thickness or mounting new brush pins, there is a chance the brushes need adjusting. Also, in order to maintain a good cleaning result, the brushes might need adjustment.

Remember always use gloves and goggles. Also, before working on the machine, turn it off or hit emergency stop.

How to Adjust the Brushes:

  • Release the springs on both sides of the roll.
  • Remove the roll.
  • Loosen the grub screw to adjust the brush.
  • Adjust the brush using the black brush support.
  • Adjust the brush until you find the correct height for your plate. The plate should meet some resistance when moved under the brush. The tips of the brushes should be touching the floor of the plate and the brush hairs should be effective on the entire plate.
  • Place the roll in the machine again.
  • Mount the support springs again.

The same procedure is used on the second brush. The Plate Washer is now ready to use.

Please watch this video to get further assistance: