Downtime Eliminator Flexo printing

Problem: How do I use the FW Quick Treat on my anilox cleaner?
Answer: Quick treat is just that: a quick treat. Simply spray on your anilox roll and wipe clean. Read more about this process here:

FW Quick Treat is for the manual cleaning of aniloxes between offline deep cleanings. It is quick and easy, just like the name says: Quick Treat.
This is a unique product for manual cleaning because it is non-corrosive and harmless to aluminum. It is a great on-press solution for improved color with a quick turnaround. Another great benefit: it comes in a spray bottle.
Here are some other benefits:

  • Good for ALL inks
  • Minimize press downtime
  • Reduce waste

Instructions for Use:

  • Apply Quick Treat to the surface of the anilox.
  • Use a sponge and apply Quick Treat thoroughly to the surface of the anilox.
  • Allow the cleaner to remain on the anilox for five minutes.
  • Wipe the ink from the anilox with a WET lint-free cloth.
  • Finish drying off the roll with a lint free towel.

The result is a clean anilox, ready for the next job!
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Please watch this video for further assistance: