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Problem: How do I maintain the sponge roller on my plate washer?
Answer: Maintaining your sponge roller will help extend its life. But remember that it’s a consumable and does need to be replaced after a period of time. Here’s the steps to doing this maintenance yourself and a video as well.

Sponge Roll on a Plate Washer

When the sponge roll becomes discolored from ink residues and liquid, it should be cleaned and rinsed with water.

Remember always use gloves and goggles. Also, before working on the machine, turn it off or hit emergency stop.

How to Rinse the Sponge Roll:

  • Shut down the machine before extracting the sponge roll.
  • Release the springs on both sides of the roll. Remove the sponge roll from the machine.
  • Rinse the sponge in water and squeeze it afterwards.
  • Place the roll in the machine. Mount the springs on each side of the roll again.
  • This routine is advised to be repeated on a weekly basis.

Preserving the Sponge Roll if not in Use for 24 hours:

Using the same steps from above, and after rinsing and squeezing the sponge roll, wrap it in plastic to keep it wet. Store it in the plastic until the machine will be used again.

Remember to rinse the roll again with water before remounting.

What if the Sponge Roll Has Hardened During Shipping?

If the sponge roll has hardened/dried during shipping, remember to remount the sponge roll in a wet condition before starting the unit.

Rinse the sponge roll with water before mounting. (Same procedure is recommended during weekends etc. in order to avoid deformation)

Please watch this video for further assistance: